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Cooper County Public Health Center

17040 Klinton Dr. - Boonville, MO 65233
Telephone: (660) 882-2626 - Fax: (660) 882-2586

July 12, 2011

To: General Public
From: Theresa Hendrix

Re: Cooper County, Boonville citizens surveyed for Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs

The Cooper County Healthy Lifestyle Initiative continues work on a countywide bicycle and pedestrian plan. The benefits of the completed plan are:

  1. A clear direction is created for local governments and other partners on where to provide new sidewalks and bicycle paths. These facilities promote active transportation.. The adoption and implementation of a local bike-ped plan can encourage a healthier Cooper County. Bicycling and walking are important examples of physical activity, which can lead to better health. Presently over 30% of Missouri adults are considered obese with 27% getting no physical activity outside of work. More options for active transportation can change these numbers.
  2. Declines in pollution that happen when residents make some trips using active transportation. When some short car trips are replaced by walking and bicycling the risk of asthma and other upper respiratory infections due to pollution decreases.
  3. Neighbors are more encouraged to get out and meet other neighbors. Such interactions increase safety and cooperation.

As part of the process of developing the Cooper County bicycle and pedestrian plan partners – led by MU Extension – recently mailed a survey to a group of 1,000 randomly selected households across the county. Boonville residents who do not get a survey in the mail and who wish to complete one can log-on to A similar survey for Cooper County residents is also available online at

When a draft of the Cooper County Bicycle-Pedestrian Plan is completed in late summer planning partners will present the plan to the community and seek comments at public forums. Planning partners will present the plan and seek adoption by local city councils and by the Cooper county Commission.

For more information about the Cooper County Bicycle-Pedestrian Plan and the current survey contact Theresa Hendrix at 660.882.8500.

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