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As part of our Core Contract with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), we monitor the community for outbreaks of communicable diseases/conditions. There is a list of over 112 diseases and conditions that are reportable to the DHSS. Missouri Law 19 CSR 20-20.020 requires laboratories, physicians, and nurses, to report these diseases to the DHSS or to the local public health authority (LPHA). For any disease or condition that is reported directly to the DHSS, they will then notify the local health department to conduct a follow-up investigation. The LPHA will contact the physician and/or the person who tests positive for demographic information, treatment information, and to educate the individual regarding the disease process and to avoid transmission of the disease.

A communicable disease is one that can be transmitted easily from person to person. By contacting these individuals, we can have an effect on the health of our community by interrupting disease transmission. In the event of an outbreak, we make a list of persons that have been in close contact with the person in order to notify them of possible exposure to the condition, symptoms to watch for, and recommendations for treatment. In some instances, we can also offer treatment. The list below represents the number of specific diseases/conditions that were reported in Cooper County for 2006 as well as follow-up investigations that were conducted.

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