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Reproductive Sexual Health

Special Note

The Cooper County Public Health Center does not engage in the promotion of abortion counseling or services. Alternatives to abortion will be offered in cases of unwanted pregnancy.

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The Cooper County Public Health Center provides testing and counseling for diseases that can impact or impair reproductive sexual health. These services are provided by appointment only. The Center can provide testing and some treatment for the following diseases.

Counseling and education is provided with each nursing visit. Condoms may be received upon request with or without testing. Education materials are always provided with the condoms. There are no fees associated with this service. Donations are gratefully accepted.

Counseling and Educations Services
The staff of the Cooper County Public Health Center will provide education to individuals or groups upon request. This service is provided at no charge.

Pregnancy Testing and Counseling

The Cooper Co. Public Health Center provides testing by appointment. Testing is most accurate if the test is performed approximately six weeks after the last menstrual cycle, otherwise known as being two weeks late. The most optimum urine specimen is one that has been obtained at the first morning urination upon wakening. The specimen should be in a clean container and kept in a cool place until the appointment. It is really important for the person being tested to know when their last menstrual cycle began. Test results will not be given over the phone. Appointments will only be made when the person wanting testing presents in person or over the phone. Friends, family members and partners may not make appointments, bring in specimens or obtain results without the presence of the consenting party. Friends, partners and parents may be present during the testing process only at the consent of the person being tested. That same person has the right to receive testing and results in private without any of the above present.

Temporary Medicaid Services - Prenatal Care Assistance

This service is provided by appointment.

Temporary Medicaid For Pregnant Women.

The Division of Social Services provides this program through local Public Health Departments. It provides temporary coverage for prenatal care only. Recipients must provide and complete full paperwork and documentation of income to the Division of Social Services within the County they reside. Final determination of Medicaid eligibility is completed by the Department of Social Services.

The Cooper Co. Public Health Center must see proof of pregnancy. Income eligibility must be met to receive this temporary service. If you are not receiving a pregnancy test from our office, please bring written proof from the medical provider who administered the test.
There is no fee associated with this service.