Cooper County Covid-19 Cases by School District

Cooper County Covid-19 Cases by School District-




Attention! this data is cases of all ages by district. Not just school age children. As schools look at their geographical district relating to case surges they need to know where the spikes are located. This data is for the benefit of school leadership in planning, preparation and response during the pandemic.




Starting August 1st Each district will be tallied daily for a monthly period. Today’s report is for 4 days. Moving forward it will be daily. Thank you. Melanie Hutton




As of August 4, 2020




Blackwater School District 0 cases




Boonville School District 6 cases




Bunceton School District 0 cases




Pilot Grove School District 5 cases




Prairie Home School District 0 cases




Otterville School District 2 cases



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