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  • 02/05/23 - Tari Fitzgerald RN, Interim Administrator 0 Comments
    Board Meeting Notice and Agenda- May 2, 2023


    *previous agenda had the wrong number and password for the Zoom. Below is the correct information**

    Date: May 2, 2023

    Time: 6:00pm

    Location: 17040 Klinton Dr. , Boonville / Basement conference room

    Tentative agenda- Open meeting will be offered via Zoom. See Information below.

    Approval of Agenda

    6:00pm Open meeting. Recognition of guests

    1. Approve March 2023 minutes.

    2. Approve March 2023 financial reports

    Old Business

    1. Monthly meeting dates June 6th and Special Meeting July 11th, moved due to the first Tuesday being the holiday.

    2. Public health strategic planning and staff program updates.

    3. Sam’s club account for Cooper County Public Health Center

    New Business


    Public Comments

    Meeting adjourned

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 934 8111 2700

    Passcode: 7FVUKR

    Notice Posted on Door 04/28/2023 10:00am, on Web 5/2/2023 3:00 pm

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  • 10/04/23 - Tari Fitzgerald, RN, Interim Administrator 0 Comments
    Board Meeting Notice and Agenda- April 11, 2023

    Date: April 11, 2023

    Time: 6:00pm

    Location: 17040 Klinton Dr. Boonville

    Tentative agenda- Swearing in Ceremony-In person at the Health Center

    6:00pm Disband out going board-Swearing in ceremony

    ·         Recognition of guests and visitors

    ·         Swearing in of new board members

    ·         Reorganize board – election of officers

    Open Session

    ·         Approve March 2023 Minutes

    ·         Approve March 2023 Financials

    ·         Approve March 2023 Legal Fees

    Motion to move to closed meeting:

    ·         Discussion of staff concerns: interim duties

    6:45pm Move to adjourn close meeting and return to open session.

    6:50pm Old Business

    1.  Monthly meeting dates: May 2nd 2023 and June 6th 2023

    7:00pm Public Comments

    7:30 pm Meeting adjourned 



    Posted 04/10/23 at 4:52pm

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  • 06/04/23 - Tari Fitzgerald, RN, Interim Administrator 0 Comments
    Press Release

    New Leadership 

    Where: Cooper County Public Health Center

    Media contact: Erin Davis, LPN, BA Emergency Planner / Nurse


    Cooper County Public Health Center welcomes two new Board of Trustees elected by the citizens of Cooper County. We are delighted that Kathy Lenz and Eddie Hoff will join the Board of Trustees and will help Cooper County Public Health Center promote, protect, and monitor healthy living by building a safe and healthy environment for all in Cooper County.

    We would like to thank our outgoing board members, Susan Felton and Janet Harris, for their years of service and dedication to Cooper County. They have been instrumental in helping us reach our goals and we wish them all the very best for the future!

    Tari Fitzgerald, RN, is the new Interim Administrator as of 4/3/23 until new leadership is hired.

    Cooper County Public Health Center is overseen by a Board of Trustees that meets the first Tuesday of each month. For more information on upcoming meetings please visit our Website or Facebook page.Office is located at 17404 Klinton Drive, Boonville and can be reached at (660)882-2626.


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  • 15/03/23 - Melanie J. Hutton RN, MSN 0 Comments
    Retirement Announcement

    March 15, 2023  
     Retirement Announcement 
         In February 1994, I was hired as the nurse administrator of the Cooper County Nursing Service located on the first floor of the courthouse in 900 square feet of office space. Our patient waiting room was the public courthouse hallway with four wooden benches. Patients had to carry their lab specimens from the public bathrooms across the hallway and into the two-room office. The juvenile office is now located in our old office space. 
         In 2006, by the vote of citizens who supported public health we were able to pass a tax levy. A five -member health board was appointed, and the work began to transition in the fall of 2006. In 2007, we separated from the County of Cooper and became our own political subdivision. In the fall of 2010, we moved to our third and current location in the Village of Windsor. This new location was designed around patient privacy, accessibility, and a safe working space for the employees.   
         I would like share that it has been an honor to serve Cooper County and work side by side with public health coworkers, board of trustees, citizens, and community partners. My tenure will end March 31, 2023. Thank you very much. 
    Melanie J. Hutton RN, MSN 

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  • 07/03/23 0 Comments
    Fax machine under maintenance- Temporary fax number in use

    Our fax machine is temporarily under maintenance. If you are needing to fax us, please fax to this number


    We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you! 

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