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Health Data

Cooper County's Communicable Disease Dashboard

Cooper County Public Health Center Annual Reports

A community assessment serves as a health report card for the County of Cooper. Your local public health center serves as an information resource center for the entire community. Data is collected from a variety of sources and collated into a brief overview of the health of the community. The results of the assessment are neither good nor bad. It is intended to serve as an educational tool for policy makers, communities, and citizens. Take some time to review the most recent assessment and get to know what is truly happening in Cooper County:

Data on this site is used for a range of public health policy development and program planning purposes, including hazard and disease surveillance (e.g., estimating the magnitude of a problem, analyzing trends over time, identifying high-risk groups), identifying and targeting effective interventions, and for public health research. Data and information on this network also serves as a “knowledge base” of critical monitoring and surveillance systems, and information resources. CLICK HERE for additional information. 

Some experts suggest that a person’s ZIP Code is more predictive of their health than their genetic code. Having detailed, local information on health factors and health outcomes in the places where Missourians live can help community health leaders take action to help create and sustain a healthy Missouri. Spotlight on ZIP Health provides unique information on the top health factors facing counties in Missouri, and the healthiest and least-healthy ZIP Codes within each county. The data are arranged to include which health and social factors should be prioritized in each ZIP Code. CLICK HERE for additional information.

For nearly 3 decades, America’s Health Rankings has provided an analysis of national health on a state-by-state basis by evaluating a historical and comprehensive set of health, environmental and socioeconomic data to determine national health benchmarks and state rankings. CLICK HERE for additional information.

For more information concerning present or past assessments, or to speak to one of our health center experts, please call the Cooper County Public Health Center at 660-882-2626

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