It is recommended all large public events, fairs, festivals and carnivals be cancelled until further notice.



 Media Contact: Larry Oerly, Cooper County Emergency Management Director 


Phone: 660-882-0400       


 (Boonville, MO)  The Cooper County Commissioners, The Cooper County Emergency Management Agency, and The Cooper County Public Health  Center are working together and agree to support the health and safety of the people and businesses of Cooper County as our number one priority  


As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, we must continue to evaluate and re-evaluate the measures we have in place for the safety and security of our residents . 


The World Health Organization said that as of Friday the virus has sickened more than 3.50 million people in at least 187  countries and territories, with 247,470 deaths worldwide and increasing daily.  


The death toll in the U.S. as of Friday was 68,276, up by nearly 1, 230 from a day earlier, according to the latest official numbers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. It also said the number of confirmed cases nationwide is  1.18 million, jumping by nearly 25,881 from Thursday.  As of Monday, May 4, 2020, Missouri has had 8,754  confirmed cases with 358 deaths.  There have been  91,083 COVID-19 tests performed statewide.   In Cooper County we have 8 positive results  out of the 130 tests done.  We have not peaked in the number of cases globally as cases  continue to develop in hot pockets across the nation where precautionary measures may not have been followed . 


 "We know now the Coronavirus is highly contagious and everyone needs to think seriously about  how easily this can be spread. We have recommended canceling all large events. 


 It is recommended all large public events, fairs, festivals and carnivals be cancelled until further notice.   It is also recommended that non-essential gatherings be limited to no more than 10 people, while smaller events can proceed if the organizers can implement  physical distancing of 6 feet per person.   


 We will continue to reevaluate this emergency and may make changes in the future.  We will  look at CDC guidelines, The Presidents Reopening Plan, and the "Show Me Strong"  Recovery Plan as well as recommendations from MO Department of Health and Senior Services. 


At the time when large gatherings are acceptable, procedures will be put in place for registering events and large gatherings open to the public.  This will be done  to provide assistance in planning for the public health and safety, emergency management and  for tracking dates and locations of the gatherings.   


We understand it is difficult physically, financially and emotionally for all the citizens and  ask for your continued patience in following recommendations and appreciate the sacrifices you are making daily. 


We would like to continue to express our thanks and appreciation for the diligence and hard work of  those who are "staying home" and for all those essential service workers that are serving our community twenty-four hours a day. 

We pray for the continued health and safety of everyone in Cooper County. Thank you very much. 



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