March Monthly Covid Report

Cooper County Public Health Center

17040 Klinton Dr Boonville, MO 65233

Telephone: (660) 882-2626 Fax (660) 882-2586

Monthly report March  2022

Cooper County Covid-19 Statistics


Total new cases for March   27 cases

Total number of cases 2020 Pandemic year to March 31st , 2022:   4,380

Correction inmates: 222

Cooper County Residents:  4,158

Hospitalizations for the month: 0

Congregate living:

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers:  209

February 2022 Deaths  0

2020 Year to March 31, 2022    Deaths:     75

Covid deaths are slow to be reported and confirmed. It is not an easy process to receive death notices and causes. You may have a Cooper County address but pass away in another city, state or county Some death certificates take several months to be reported out.

2022 deaths 5

March 1 death                             February    0 deaths                             January     4 deaths