Mid-January 2022 Covid Case update

2022 Covid mid-month report

     January 2022 is on track to surpass November and December 2021 positive covid cases. As of 9:30am this morning we have had 319 cases reported. More cases are arriving as I type this report. Please remember that the number of actual positive cases are much higher due to home testing and individuals who are not being tested, even though they are experiencing sinus symptoms.

     As the covid pandemic continues to evolve the undisputed facts remain. The incubation period remains 14 days. The method of transmission remains respiratory. The days individuals are expected to quarantine may vary due to political and economic pressures.  Masking, distance, handwashing, and vaccination remain the most effective tools we have in our available to us.

      As traditional public health measures continue to be villainized, our cases are rising. As cases rise, we never know who will be loved one that will experience long term physical damage or sadly perish. It is not like influenza.

      Cooper County citizens have the choice to waste their time working against each other by promoting the  spread of covid disease and reducing available educational and healthcare services. However, I am asking all citizens  to work together to support every person regardless of age, pre-existing health conditions, student, and employment status. Let us all put our energy in treating each human as a valued member of our community who needs protection against the corona virus.

 Thank you very much, Melanie Hutton RN, MSN Administrator



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