Monthly report September 2021

Cooper County Public Health Center

17040 Klinton Dr Boonville, MO 65233

Telephone: (660) 882-2626 Fax (660) 882-2586

Monthly report September 2021

Cooper County Covid-19 Statistics


Total new cases for October  119 cases

Total number of cases 2020 Pandemic year to October 31st:   3,003

Correction inmates: 183

Cooper County Residents:  2820

Active Cases:  11

Year to Date Total recovered: 2756

Hospitalizations for the month: 1

Congregate living:

Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers:  142

2020 Year to September 30, 2021    Deaths: 53

Covid deaths are slow to be reported and confirmed. August appears usually high. It is not an easy process to receive death notices and causes. You may have a Cooper County address but pass away in another city, state or county Some death certificates take several months to be reported out. Not all of the increase happened this month.

2021 deaths 18                      

                                                     August   4 deaths                               April             0 deaths

                                                     July         3 deaths                               March          0 deaths     

October 1 death                       June        0 deaths                               February      2 deaths

September 2 deaths                May         0 deaths                             January         6 deaths




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