Retirement Announcement

March 15, 2023  
 Retirement Announcement 
     In February 1994, I was hired as the nurse administrator of the Cooper County Nursing Service located on the first floor of the courthouse in 900 square feet of office space. Our patient waiting room was the public courthouse hallway with four wooden benches. Patients had to carry their lab specimens from the public bathrooms across the hallway and into the two-room office. The juvenile office is now located in our old office space. 
     In 2006, by the vote of citizens who supported public health we were able to pass a tax levy. A five -member health board was appointed, and the work began to transition in the fall of 2006. In 2007, we separated from the County of Cooper and became our own political subdivision. In the fall of 2010, we moved to our third and current location in the Village of Windsor. This new location was designed around patient privacy, accessibility, and a safe working space for the employees.   
     I would like share that it has been an honor to serve Cooper County and work side by side with public health coworkers, board of trustees, citizens, and community partners. My tenure will end March 31, 2023. Thank you very much. 
Melanie J. Hutton RN, MSN 


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