September 2022-Meeting Public Notice

Date: September  13, 2022

Time: 5:30pm

Location: 17040 Klinton Dr. Boonville

Tentative agenda- Open meeting will be offered via Zoom. See Information below.

5:30 Open meeting of the board. Recognition of Guests

5:31pm Open Session with vote to move into closed session per 610.021

1.       Motion to move into closed session;  Pursuant to section 610.021 for vote to close meeting Sections 1,5,8,14.  Voice vote

2.       Approve closed minutes

3.       Adjourn closed meeting. Voice vote

6:15pm Call to order routine open meeting. Recognition of guests

1.       Approve August minutes.

2.       Approve August financial reports.

3.       Approve August legal expenses.

6:30 pm Old Business

1.       Monthly meeting dates October 4, 2022, and November 2nd ( Election Day ) do we want to move to November 8,  2022?

2.       Review Board Governance training topics for future meetings to include public health strategic planning and program update schedules. Environmental Public Health Inspections , Women Infants and Children (WIC), Immunizations, Participation Agreement for State Investment in Local Public Health Services; including Children’s Health Insurance Program (Core), Maternal Child Health Services (MCH), Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP), Adult Imms Contract- ELC contract, Covid Update

3.       Equipment and repair-parking lot- ARPA funds  thru the Cooper Co. Commission

4.       Board By laws review/update

6:50 pm New Business

5.       Public Health Mission Statement to be reviewed

6.       HRSA public health nursing student loan forgiveness on site 2-3 year work plan for consideration of the Board. Melanie Hutton has applied as a potential candidate. Notification of acceptance or denial will on or around September 15, 2022.

7:00 pm Public Comments

7:30 pm Meeting adjourned 

Join Zoom Meeting       Meeting ID: 857 1387 9659      Passcode: 914078

Notice Posted 08/30/22 @ 5:30pm




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