“stay and pray.”

 This week, Missouri’s public health community asks Missourians celebrating Easter and Passover to "stay and pray."

  • This is a really important time in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19, commonly called coronavirus, in Missouri.
  • The next two weeks are critical for people to stay home and observe other healthy actions like:
    • Frequent handwashing.
    • Physical distancing (staying at least six feet apart from others you may encounter outside your own home).
    • Only leaving the house for essential functions like grocery shopping or attending medically necessary doctor’s appointments.
  • The actions of one affect us all. If we all commit to staying home, we will be able to stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure our communities can successfully return to a more familiar way of life.

 We know celebrating the Easter and Passover holidays are important, especially during these challenging times. There are ways to celebrate safely – so you don’t put yourself or others at risk.

  • DO look for alternatives to view Easter or Passover prayer services online or on TV.
  • DO celebrate with family via video chat or phone calls.
  • DO cook traditional foods at home to enjoy the familiar tastes and smells of the holiday. Eat dinner together via videoconference.
  • DO follow guidance from your local public health agency.
  • DON’T attend an in-person Easter or Passover prayer service.
  • DON’T congregate in public areas like parks on Easter Sunday or during Passover.
  • DON’T invite loved ones or neighbors to celebrate at your home.
  • DON’T attend a celebration outside your home.
  • DO celebrate in person only with those that live with you.

 Church is about family and community. In these times, the best way we can support our family and communities is to stay at home.

  • The way we celebrate traditions may be different this year, but you are not alone.
  • We all have a role to play in protecting the everyone in our communities, including those who share your place of worship or are served by your faith community.
  • If you are a faith-based organization, reach out to your local public health department to create a plan for Easter, Passover, or other services.



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