Total New Cases     54

Weekly update on Covid Cases

At the end of the month a total for the month will be issued.

October 2021- Week 3 & 4

10/16/2021 – 10/31/2021 3:00pm

Total New Cases     54

Cooper County COVID-19 Cases by School Geographical Boundaries

Case count includes all individuals living within the geographical boundaries of a school district. These cases may or may not be school age children or employees.

Blackwater School District 5 cases

Boonville School District 25 cases

Bunceton School District 2 cases

Pilot Grove School District 12 cases

Prairie Home School District 2 cases

Otterville School District 5 cases

Out of County School District 3 cases


Number of Children’s Cases by Month year to date Ages <=20

January 2021 January 2021 Child positive cases 38

February 2021 Child positive cases 04

March 2021 Child positive cases 03

April 2021 Child positive cases 01

May 2021 Child positive cases 02

June 2021 Child positive cases 01 ~ Children were 3% of total positive cases for June

July 2021 Child positive cases 23 ~ Children were 13% of the total positive cases for July

August 2021 Child positive cases 68 ~ Children were 22% of the total positive covid cases for August

September Child positive cases 58

October 2021 Child positive cases   38 cases


     Today, the staff and I are grateful for the decreasing case numbers. Please keep getting vaccinated, wearing a mask, and keeping your distance please. Handwashing is always critical. Masks will help reduce influenza. Watch Facebook and the CCPHC website for Pfizer clinics for children ages 5-11 in the near future. Make good decisions and be safe out there. Thank you!



Melanie Hutton RN, MSN Administrator







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