Total New Cases     64

Weekly update on Covid Cases

At the end of the month a total for the month will be issued.

August 2021- Week 3

8/13/2021 – 8/20/2021 7:00pm

Total New Cases     64

Cooper County COVID-19 Cases by School Geographical Boundaries

Case count includes all individuals living within the geographical boundaries of a school district. These cases may or may not be school age children or employees.

Blackwater School District 1 cases

Boonville School District 47 cases

Bunceton School District 3 cases

Pilot Grove School District 8 cases

Prairie Home School District 4 cases

Otterville School District 1 cases

Out of County School District 0 cases

Total cases for the month of August 1- 20, 2021 are 177 new cases (non-correctional). For the month of July 2021, we had a total of 179 new cases. In the month of June we had 36 cases. From June to July we had a 397% increase in cases. Our county is in the red high spread risk zone for positive covid cases.

The Cooper County Public Health Center STRONGLY recommends all schools, daycares, businesses, places of public gatherings return to requiring masks for the next six weeks. District, public and private schools will be starting soon. We need parents to support mask use for their children and all the school employees. If we all work together and wear masks, we can reduce the number of cases and allow the children a safer group environment to learn, participate in athletics and socialize in.

If masks are not required in each school building, then school related covid exposures will have to quarantine at home for ten days instead of being able to attend school with masks during their ten-day quarantine period.

Our covid case rates are increasing and if we all unite to help reduce our case spread over the next six weeks then we can evaluate and hopefully reduce mask usage as optional. Increasing our covid immunizations for all ages 12 and up over this same time period will work in tandem with the masks.

Let’s work together for our children and our communities!


Melanie Hutton RN, MSN Administrator


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