Total number of cases year to date 189


As of 8/19/2020 4:57:44 PM


Cooper County Covid-19 Statistics


(note: one new case reported had been delayed in arriving so the individual is already off quarantine and  healthy so they have been directly added to the recovered list) 


Newly diagnosed cases reported today    5


Total number of cases year to date 189


Active Cases 65


Year to Date Total Recovered 122


Year to Date Total Deaths 2


Current Hospitalizations 2


Method of exposure for total case numbers


Travel Related 11 ytd


Community Transmission 178 ytd


Congregate living- 54 cases ytd (are included in the total case numbers and community transmission linked)       


Inmates and employees 57


Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers 3


Other Information


Positive cases diagnosed out of state; cases are following quarantine request by the CCPHC  4



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