What does “travel related mean” in terms of a covid-19 case?

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 What does "travel related mean" in terms of a covid-19 case? 


      Generally, your home area is considered your county and maybe neighboring counties. For example, if you live in Cooper County and drive to Columbia every day to work or to care for family that is not considered travel.  Travel means to a new area. There are no real distance boundaries it can be as close as St. Louis or as far as another county. When you are exposed to different people, places and environments that you are not used to you may possibly be exposed to more germs or viruses. Public gathering areas are ideal for multiple exposures to bacteria. Airports, big venues like theme parks, concerts, popular tourist attractions, restaurants and bars are examples of high-risk areas that conduce spread of the virus or bacteria.   


  What is considered a close contact?

  •    A close contact is being defined as; being within 6 feet of a covid-19 case for a PROLONGED period. Close contact can occur while caring for, living with, visiting or sharing a healthcare area or room with a covid-19 case.  

 Having direct contact with infectious secretions of a covid-19 case. For example, being coughed on.





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